We will require the full $125.00 rental fee required upon booking, this will ensure you are booked.  If you do not pre-book your shack we cannot guarantee that we will have any remaining for you on the day you make like. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU PRE-BOOK YOUR SHACK IN ADVANCE. We accept  E- Transfer, or PAYPAL for deposit and booking security!


 COST ($125.00)  is PER DAY,  Per Shack  NOT PER PERSON.  So bring several people and split the costs, we encourage families to come out and enjoy the sport of ice fishing!




We currently have 6 shacks for rent. There are several ways to pre-book your ice shack for the upcoming season.  Call our office line, On our webpage under the CONTACT tab, or send us an email. 


To book your shack you will need to pre pay for the full amount of the shack when you call. So if you for example want to book several weeks in advance for three days you are required to pre pay 125.00 x3= 375.00, if you are sending an e transfer.  If you are sending funds via Payal, there is a $5.00 service fee to add.  We are not equipped for credit cards of any kind.

Waiver Forms will be completed at the start of the fishing day.  


Rental times for day fishing is 7:30am - Dark (7 days a week), this includes your insulated ice shack which has propane heating that is provided, bench seating, 6 holes  which are drilled prior to your arrival.

Ice fishing rods for rent are $10/per rod. Please advise us at the time of booking if you are going to rent rods.



per shack/per day



email: prairieocean@live.com

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