Licence Fee's:

                                        Conservation           Regular

Resident                              $19.20                   $25.10

Canadian Resident           $28.00                  $47.65

Resident Senior                 FREE                    $25.10

NON RESIDENT                  $37.85                $62.35


Valid from May 1st to April 30th

For full numbers of how many fish you can legally possess with the different conservation and regular licences please go (has all the rules and regulations)

 Here are the two most common fish caught on Lake WInnipeg in the winter fishing season.  


                                                 Conservation          Regular lic

Northern Pike (Jack Fish)                 4                          6                 only one may exceed 30 inches

Walleye (Pickeral) & Sauger             4                          6

only one may exceed 28 inches­

Q: Can I transport my fish back home?


FOR US Citizens, and or out of province fishermen wishing to transport or take fish back to the USA, or out of province, your amounts are listed above. Any other species caught can be found on  Fillets are required to have at least 2 1/2 squared inches of skin on the fillet so that they can be identified.   For transport, it is not recommended for fillets to be canned or in a block of ice, but rather dry ice, or cold ice packs to be used. Refer to the above noted website for further details.

We are located in the SOUTHERN DIVISION

Q: Can I enter Canada?


We receive questions all the time regarding who is allowed into the country.  YOU will need to ensure you meet the requirements for entry to the port. What you will need for entry is Photo identification, as well as a current PASSPORT with a clear criminal record. If you have any pending criminal charges or historical charges, you will need to visit the Canadian Border Services Website to look at the requirements.

The following link may assist you.