Q1: Where are you guys located and how do i find you?

A1: We are located on the East side of Lake Wpg, Balsam Bay Harbour.

Q2: How far out on the lake are you and how do i get out there?
A2:  The shacks are typiclly within 3 kilometers from the harbour,  TRUCKS and 4WD/AWD SUV's only is what we recommend, and of course sleds and quads. We would advise against brining a car onto the lake unless there is very little snow. This is a very large lake with wind so we do have drifting so we encourage sleds/quads/trucks/Suv's.
Q3: Whats the process and how do i book a shack?
A3:  a) Call the office 204-406-5586  b) book it through facebook site by sending a message and your request. c) via this website on contact us part of page, fill out the form and your date(s) .  
Q4: How do i do a book a shack, and how much do i bring at the start of the day?
A4:  Its $125.00 rental fee  via e-transfer to book your shack. Shacks must be paid for in full no exceptions to be considered booked. We do not have first come first serve, only customers that have pre paid in full are booked. PLEASE CALL BEFORE SENDING ANY MONEY as you will require info on where to send it.  PAYPAL we charge $5.00 service fee for that so your fee would be $130.00.  PRE PAYING IN FULL is used to BOOK A SHACK, and this is the only way it will be confirmed.   Information is on the CONTACT US tab of our wepage on how to send the money.
Q5: Are bookings refunded if i have paid and decide to change my mind?
A5:   Before you call and book with us be sure thats the date you wish to go. We have a large number of people calling and booking and we do not switch dates once booked. Refunds will be granted on a case by case basis. 

Q6: Do you provide bathrooms or porta potties?

A6: Although we do not provide them, there are 2 Porta potties that are at the entrance point  just before you get onto the ice

Q7: What are your fishing hours, and when can we come out? Will you be out there?

A7: Open 7:30am-Dark. You can come out 7:30am or anytime after that, please inform us of your arrival time the day before your booking. Yes we will be out there to assign your shack  and signature for waiver.

Q8: Can i smoke inside the shack?

A8: We prefer you smoke outside to keep our shacks clean

Q9: What other things do i need to know about what i can do or not do inside the shack?

A9:  There is NO fish cleaning of any kind. Please clean up after yourself at the end of the fishing day.  Please leave the scoop pails inside the shack at the end of the day, do not take them home

Q10: Can i bring my dog?

A10: Yes our furry friends are welcome 

Q11: Are there cooking stoves inside the shack?

A11: No sorry we do not provide any cooking stoves. You are welcome to bring your own coleman stoves and cooking appliances.

Q14: Do you rent out fishing gear?

A14: We do rent fishing rods for $10.00/rod for the day.  

Q15: Do I need an auger? Do you drill holes outside?

A15: You can certainly bring your own auger.  Yes holes may be drilled outside upon request 

Q16: Are the 8x8 shacks the only ones you  rent out?

A16: We also have one 8x10 shack that holds  6 persons very comfortably, 6 hole shack, heat and holes included for $125.00 for the day.  

Q17: I'm from out of town, where do i stay, do you provide sleeping accomodations or sleeper shacks?

A17:  Accomodation referalls upon request.  We Do Not provide any sleeper shacks.  The night bite on Lake Winnipeg has always been poor just to let everyone know, and that hasn't changed.

Hope this helps fill in some of your questions you have thought about or may have.